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R.I.P Bashar Barakah Jackson, AKA POP SMOKE R.I.P Bashar Barakah Jackson, AKA POP SMOKE usatoday.com
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Gone Too Soon

Published March 22, 2020

Rest In Piece Pop Smoke, Your Ceiling for potential was limitless. You brought back a buzz to Brooklyn that I haven't felt in years since the 90's. Your style and voice was different, the game needed this type of change. The sound was unique and refreshing. God gave you a gift, and you did everything within your power to take advantage of it. Even though your career and life was tragically cut short. I want to thank you for showing us that dreams do come true when you follow your passion. Your music will live on forever! 


I would like to send my condolences to the Jackson family, friends and of course the fans. YOU WILL BE MISSED !

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